What's Possible

What's not?

From home-wares, toys, and containers, to light duty mechanical parts and electronic housings, the limits of additive manufacturing are nearly unlimited.

electronics housings | sensors | lighting | brackets | gaming accessories | fidget toys | soap trays | travel containers | home organization | coffee tools | planters | speaker stands | stationary | kitchen accessories | racks and shelves | aquarium accessories

Unlimited options can be terrifying though, so here's a breakdown.

It's printable if it's:


We can't print fabrics, yet. (chainmail excluded)

Flat sided

At least one flat surface, or it'll roll around during printing. Bigger is better.

3D Model-able

Even better if you provide us with one. 2D is possible too, boring, but possible.

Obeys physics

We can only defy gravity a bit. Large overhangs require extra support material.

Basketball Sized

We're capable of printing up to 290mm (~11.5") cubed, which is slightly larger than a basketball.

How does FDM 3DP work?

In FDM 3D printing, material is precisely melted and laid down in 2D layers stacking until a 3D form is created. We've mastered the in & outs of this process allowing you to get the most out of the process.

When compared to injection molding (how plastic products are usually made) you get a lot more design freedom and flexibility as you don't need an expensive metal mold that's near impossible to change once made.

It's not witchcraft or rocket-surgery.

Just a really fast hot glue gun on a robot.

"Finally, we can create and iterate on truly unique designs"

- Elon Musk, Probably.


We use almost exclusively plant-based plastics (biopolymers). These materials are made from sustainably sourced crops, and offer lasting performance for your product's needs.
100% Biodegradable, sourced from GMO-free crops.
10x less carbon footprint vs petroleum-based plastics.
Used by leading brands like IKEA, Danone, and more.
Compliant with intl. standards for industrial composting.

We can bring in nearly any color you want.

We print a TON of a few colors, such as matte black, white granite, & grey marble, so generally we'll have some on hand. We can get just about anything else in within days from our supplier network.

Want a custom color? We can do just about any color you may see in a pantone book. Minimum orders apply.

What if I need something other than plant plastic?

If you're absolutely certain that we can't find a suitable grade of biopolymer for you, we can also print in PETG, engineering grade, impact resistant & glass/carbon fibre reinforced materials.

*limited to <1000 unit runs, on approval only.
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