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Manufacturing tailored for growing businesses to scale consumer products profitably.

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3D Printer Fleet

Award Winning
Design Chops

We accelerate businesses to scale products without the headaches & costs of traditional manufacturing.

We can keep up.

A refreshingly confusion-free process.Our approach.


limitless design

We'll help you get it just right. Timelines are set and costs are clear.


no tooling

3DP means no tooling costs, crazy minimums, or waiting weeks for a design change.


free Samples

It's not real until it's real.
That's why pre-production samples are sent fast, and at no cost.


robots & Humans

Our fleet works all day and night, with parts carefully inspected for defects by humans.


Made In canada

No 8 week sea voyages from China. Carefully packed and gently placed on the fastest truck out of western Canada.

Print quality so good,you wouldn't believe it.

a 3D printed modern vase on dark background
a detailed macro view of 3D printed layer lines extremely cleanly printed
"Is that really 3D printed?"
"Sell me your printers!?"
"How many weeks for 200 parts?"
"Can I really be profitable with 3D printing?"
"Could you make these design changes for me?"
"Do you love me?"
Hand holding 3D printed decorative  modern container
a set of 3D printed boxes containing rubber ducks stacked on a light background
a light grey marble 3D printed texture
black pla 3D printed texture layer lines
We put out some of the cleanest parts around. Printed fast and autonomously 24/7.

Haters will say it's injection molded.

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